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Sea Insight is authorized sales and technical agent for the 'Venturi Oxygen Stripping' (VOS)ballast water treatment system. A ballast water treatment system using deoxygenation and cavitation to kill all organisms. The system only treats water during intake, without the use of filters, chemicals or expensive UV lights. This allows for tank stripping and gravity discharge.



No protective anodes are needed anymore.


Outside of Vessel Prior to Treatment

Regular Atmosphere is at ~21% O2(~7 mg/l). This gas diffuses with all open water on Earth. This small amount of Dissolved Oxygen (D.O.) is what organisms survive on.

All gas reaches an “equilibrium” with water. The VOS treatment changes this equilibrium through cavitational mixing, ONLY on influent ballast water.

1 mg/l Dissolved Oxygen In Ballast Tanks

In the tank; the water continues to de- oxygenate, providing superior corrosion protection to sacrificial anodes.

TREATMENT COMPLETE: ~95% of D.O. is removed. A Hypoxic environment is created in ~15 seconds, killing all oxygen dependent organisms.

Outside of Vessel without any retreatment, natural O2 levels are returned within minutes

Upon discharge (de-ballast) the treated VOS water is returned to ambient conditions of ~21% O2. No retreatment means gravity discharge and tank stripping are fully supported.


The Venturi Oxygen Stripping (VOS) ballast water treatment installation is a simple installation consisting of an inert gas generator and a venturi injector in the ballast line. It uses 0,8 litres of fuel for every 10m3 of fully treated ballast water.

With spare parts for free for the first five years, fuel will be the only OPEX. After five years, except for the burner, all components are available from any marine supplier.


Ballast water treatment from 250 m3/hr up to 8.600 m3/hr


Segregated pumps for ballast tanks on different locations is not an issue for the ‘Venturi Oxygen Stripping’. For example the aftpeak. There are no additional systems, power or other utilities to achieve full treatment.



The ‘Venturi Oxygen Stripping’ does not require retreatment of any sort, enabling continuous normal vessel operations. VOS fully supports gravity discharge and tank stripping.



VOS utilizes existing ballast infrastructure to deliver fully treated water to all ballast tanks. There are no filters to maintain, no active substances to neutralize and no concerns about what type of waters you are trading in.




Sea Insight specializes in risk management and compliance topics in the maritime industry. It provides independant incident investigations, internal and second party audits around the globe. The company developed a document and risk management tool for shipowners and port terminals. In 2016 the company became dealer for NEI Treatment Systems. 

Sea Insight assists with project management, installation, commissioning and implementation of the VOS ballast water management system. Implementation includes arranging management system compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention and the USCG regulations. After installation Sea Insight and its partners provide maintenance and technical support.




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